Wish Lists

I have a wish list of books that I want to own, and I thought I’d attach them to this page.  I also thought I add a wish list of other items I would like (once my financial restrictions are lifted).


Best to link to my public Wish Lists at Amazon, rather than continuously updating this page:

For all things Scottish:  Alba;
Bàrdachd for all things poetry;
For all things food-related:  Biadh;
Buitseachas relates to a more spiritual matters;
Ceòl lists all the music I still hope to hear;
Eucoir is for crime-fiction books should I ever have spare time to read them;
Film which is self-explanatory;
Gàidhlig is a list of the items I hope will be helpful to my studies; and
finally, the wish list that covers everything which does not fall into one of the above categories.


Bugatti Veyron;

Deer Sculpture (from the Celtic Smith);

DNA test from Oxford Ancestors and/or GeoGene;

Family Tree completed or, at the very least, progressed;

Hand-knitted shawl called “Heather” (from Caroline Hardy) (no longer available);

Interknife‘s throwing knives set (no longer available);

Jewellery from the Sheila Fleet range – anything will do, but I love the Skyran, and Moonlight collections the best;

Macbook Pro with 15″ screen with Adope Photoshop;

Mammen Axe (made by Stagman Creations);

Sponsor for a BA (Hons) degree in Gàidhlig; and

Triple spiral bracelet and triple spiral ring – all in silver from Celtic Impressions – actually I’d like everything from their 2,000 B.C. to Newgrange Collection in silver.

Of course, this list will grow as I see things I desire!

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