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Bho Bòrd na Gàidhlig air Facebook.

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Animator King Rollo Films planning first Gaelic series – BBC News

Animation studio King Rollo Films, the makers of Humf and Deer Little Forest, plans to make its first Gaelic language television series.

The makers of children’s TV programmes Spot, Humf and Deer Little Forest previously announced plans to develop a new series from a base on Skye.

It also emerged last month that it will hold free workshops for artists next month and in January as part of an effort to create a local workforce.

Gaelic language college Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI will host the training.

King Rollo Films said the new animated series, which will be offered in Gaelic and English, could be ready within three years.

The studio’s Leo Nielsen said: “This is just the start. We hope to create an animation unit that will develop and expand in years to come, producing films to entertain families around the world.

“In the process, it will create exciting and sustainable creative jobs rooted in the Highlands.”

Amanda Millen, Gaelic-speaking director of the XpoNorth network which is supporting the training programme, said: “This is exactly the kind of ambitious project which should be taking root in places such as Skye.

We are very happy to be in at the start, helping turn it all into a reality.

Source: Animator King Rollo Films planning first Gaelic series – BBC News

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What’s to do?

Friday, I went without food, but still found myself out of sorts.  Saturday, I ate and found myself with exactly the same issues.   What to do?  No matter what I do, I have no control over what my body decides to do to me.  I don’t think the increasing heat, nor lack of sleep helps, either, and I am wondering if I should look at purchasing an air-conditioner now, or wait to see how the weather pans out for the rest of the season.

Other than that, I am a little sad that the last (bilingual) episode of Hinterland, (Y Gwyll for Welsh viewers) airs on BBC4 tonight.  I’ve rather been enjoying this “celtic noir” series, as some have chosen to term it, though I admit I would rather have seen the Welsh only version.   I can only hope they film a new series and, in the interim, I’ll content myself with crime fiction books instead.


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Hello Again

Well, it’s been a busy week, or two.   New systems at work left me in tears, sleep eluded me for the same reasons, and comfort was provided by two audio books, and a Scandinavian film.  I was also uplifted by the return of a certian rabbit on a grass verge beside a small, country, hedged road which forms part of my daily commute.  He was only there the once, but I’m hopeful of seeing him again.

I was fortunate in that my fictional foray provided a welcome distraction from the more troublesome parts of my real life: family health issues, work disasters (not caused by me!), and various other niggles.   So, I am now on the hunt for more audio books to take me out of reality for small periods of time.   If anyone has any recommendations for good audio, preferably unabridged books – I already have “Let the Right One In” (unabridged) on my wishlist despite not being keen on vampires – I would be grateful to receive them.    Please bear in mind my current penchant for the Millennium trilogy, European film, and television, such as Borgen.

Sending loving wishes out to my mother, in the hope she escapes hospital sooner, rather than later.

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He’s Back! Reuben’s Back!

Yes, folks.  I am ecstatic because, despite missing it’s first, and prime airing on the BBC,  “Monty Halls’ Great Irish Escape” is now showing on BBC1 at around 1 a.m. on Saturday mornings.  Just enough time for me to get home from work, get comfortable and enjoy the star of the show’s antics.   Yeah, Reuben.   Though, I must admit he seems to be taking a bit of a back seat in this new programme.

I must say, I am very impressed by the mountainous landscape of the Connemara area of Ireland.   So far, having only watched the first two episodes, there appears to be less focus on the locals in this series, which is a shame, as it was was one part of the other adventures I really enjoyed; seeing how people live and work in rural areas; the information they can impart because they know the landscape in which they live intimately.

I do look forward to this programme as the start of my weekend, and I am glad to see “the tail with an idiot attached” still enjoying playing with buoys and loving the beach bum lifestyle.   I wonder where he’ll turn up next?

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If you try to contact me between 21.00 and 22.00 on Sunday, 27 March 2011 I will not answer and I will never forgive you.  Why?  Why am I going incommunicado at this time?   Because he’s back!

Yes, the tail with an idiot attached is back; Reuben that is.   His long awaited adventure in Inishnee, Connemara, Ireland is to be aired on BBC2 at that time and nothing – you hear me? – nothing will stop me from watching this in peace.  I want to revel in Reuben‘s adventures without interruption because if you blink you can miss his antics.  Reuben takes himself off to some remote coastal area, where he tries to get along to as many local festivals and events as Monty allows, and he sends Monty off to film wonderful local wildlife.

Oh yeah, he’s taken Monty along with him because, as we all know, he needs an assistant, a driver, carer, spokesperson and someone to pay the bills.

So, do not under any circumstances disturb me.  Same goes for when the accompanying book is released.

Monty Halls’ Great Irish Escape” airs on Sunday, 27 March 2011.

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This ‘n’ That

I don’t believe I mentioned that as I drove to work the other day, I had geese flying overhead.   It’s funny how they seemed to fly low and track the motorway for some distance, I wonder if the airflow gives them a bit of a rest.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t drive, but was a passenger so I could take pictures of the sights as I go.  For instance, I should like to have taken a picture of:

  1. the geese as they flew overhead;
  2. the snow that is on the ground in the fields in the village next over;
  3. tonight’s sunset which was stunning;
  4. the full moon as I often see it on the exit slip (big, round and large as it rises over the horizon), as by the time I get home it has moved;
  5. (warning: rant!) other drivers as they undertake illegal maneouvres to post on a video site.

I was going to take a daily photograph of the fields around us to record the thaw, but there has been no actual change today.  Maybe tomorrow?

Last night, as I worked on a particularly boring assignment, I found myself listening to Radio Nan Gàidheal, not that I can understand more than the odd word here and there (apart from the English), but because I want to get used to the sounds and different accents.  It was all going well, especially during the talkback programme, until Radio Nan Gàidheal starting playing show tunes.   I couldn’t take it and switched back to ClassicFM, my favourite listening station when working or I need to concentrate.

How I long for the days when BBC Alba is availabe on Freeview, so I can watch as people speak the language.

Upon arriving home last night, I discovered that there was no electricity, except for the overhead lights of which I only have two: in my hallway and bathroom.   The fuse box being located in the basement meant that I had to wake my landlady to get it switched back on.  Unfortunately, she was fast sleep.  I sent a text but no reply and I didn’t want to call and upset her.   Maybe I should have?  I had no hot food, no television, two hours on my laptop power, no light with with to read, and no extra heating (it was 2°C in my room) until late morning when all were awake.

So, I tried to go to bed, but as it was freezing as I was unable to warm the room or make hot water bottles I just couldn’t settle.    I set my alarm for 7 so I could try waking my landlady again, but I must have turned that off in my sleep; not surprising, given I was awake until 5 a.m.    I woke to find everything back on and a response from my landlady saying there had been a power cut.

I am dreading what I might find when I get home tonight.

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