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Gaelic Tutorial – Week 2

I had my second tutorial with the Atlantic Gaelic Academy today.   I am enjoying these tutorials as, thus far, the focus in on listening, speaking, and conversing and I am being pulled up on my accent, and am learning much more about how to use my mouth to produce the non-English sounds.

Today’s tutorial was a little difficult, as out of my two fellow students, one did not turn up, and the other kept dropping out due to weather issues affecting their internet connection.  Quite a bit of time was spent, therefore, with my tutor giving me phrases at speed, and my having to (a) translate them; and then (b) answer them.

I used the phrase “Can sin a-rithist gu mall” quite a bit, I have to say.  It was interesting, and quite fun.  I’m feeling a little more confident about my listening, and speaking but not too much as the phrases were very basic.

I have been given the details of another student who is at a similar level to me, whom I hope to connect with this weekend for practice.   I could do with practice, as I have quite a bit of new vocabulary – and, in turn, new pronunciations – to learn before joining the regular class.

I’m finding myself excited to be studying Gaelic again.

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Atlantic Gaelic Academy

This morning I had my first, three hour long tutorial with the Atlantic Gaelic Academy.  I chose to start with the beginner’s course, because, despite having already done some study, I just don’t feel confident speaking Gaelic.   I’m glad I did.  I had known my pronunciation (i.e. accent/blas) wasn’t good, because I could hear the difference between what I was hearing, and what I was saying.

I’m so glad I decided to take the course.  Although my translation skills are good at this level, my accent was indeed poor, and our tutor spent considerable time ensuring we could produce the correct sounds.  I had picked up some rather bad habits from my earlier studies, so going over the sounds, and unlearning and learning properly those I had been enunciating incorrectly was a pleasure.   I think knowing that I wasn’t producing the rights sounds to be understood when speaking contributed to my lack of confidence in having conversations.  I think this course with the Atlantic Gaelic Academy will help build my confidence.

I look forward to my next tutorial, especially since I will have time to do the homework from now on.


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Animator King Rollo Films planning first Gaelic series – BBC News

Animation studio King Rollo Films, the makers of Humf and Deer Little Forest, plans to make its first Gaelic language television series.

The makers of children’s TV programmes Spot, Humf and Deer Little Forest previously announced plans to develop a new series from a base on Skye.

It also emerged last month that it will hold free workshops for artists next month and in January as part of an effort to create a local workforce.

Gaelic language college Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI will host the training.

King Rollo Films said the new animated series, which will be offered in Gaelic and English, could be ready within three years.

The studio’s Leo Nielsen said: “This is just the start. We hope to create an animation unit that will develop and expand in years to come, producing films to entertain families around the world.

“In the process, it will create exciting and sustainable creative jobs rooted in the Highlands.”

Amanda Millen, Gaelic-speaking director of the XpoNorth network which is supporting the training programme, said: “This is exactly the kind of ambitious project which should be taking root in places such as Skye.

We are very happy to be in at the start, helping turn it all into a reality.

Source: Animator King Rollo Films planning first Gaelic series – BBC News

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Meanbh-bhus airson obair òigridh ¦ Minibus for youth work

‘S e cathranas Albannach a th’ ann an Comunn na Gàidhlig a bhios ag obair air feadh na dùthcha gus cothroman a chruthachadh airson òigridh agus coimhearsnachdan. Bu toigh leinn ar n-obair a leudachadh agus a cur air bunait nas làidire le bhith ceannach meanbh-bhus airson obair òigridh ‘s choimhearsnachd.

Le bhith cumail taic ris a’ phròiseact seo, bidh thu a’ leudachadh chothroman do dh’òigridh gus Gàidhlig a chleachdadh.

Comunn na Gàidhlig is a Scottish charity which works throughout the country to create opportunities for communities and young people to use Gaelic. We would like to expand our work and place it on a more substantial footing by purchasing a minibus for use with youth and community activities.

By supporting this project, you will be directly contributing to the expansion of opportunities for young people to use Gaelic.

Cò sinn ¦ Who are we?

Chaidh CnaG a stèidheachadh ann an 1984. Bidh sinn ag obair air feadh na h-Alba leis a’ phrìomh oifis againn ann an Inbhir Nis. ‘S e cathranas a th’ annain agus tha a’ Ghàidhlig aig cridhe ar n-obair. Bidh a’ bhuidheann ag obair tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig le oifigearan ann an Ìle, Leòdhas, Na Hearadh, Inbhir Nis, Uibhist, Barraigh, Muile, Loch Abair, Dùn Èideann, Glaschu agus An t-Eilean Sgitheanach.

An dràsta, bidh sinn a’ tabhann chothroman do dh’òigridh le campaichean, sgitheadh, tursan dhan bhaile mhòr, Duais Iain Muir, seinn nan salm, deasbadan, cuach na cloinne agus prògraman ionadail tron bhliadhna.

CnaG was established in 1984. We work through out Scotland with our main office in Inverness. We are a charity and the Gaelic language is at the heart of everything we do. Our organisation works through the medium of Gaelic with officers in Islay, Lewis, Harris, Inverness, Uist, Barra, Mull, Lochaber, Edinburgh and Skye.

Right now, we provide opportunities for young people to use Gaelic through events such as camps, skiing, trips to the city, John Muir awards, psalm singing, debating competitions, football tournaments and various local programmes throughout the year.

Òigridh – dòchas a’ chànain! ¦ Youth – future of the language!

Tha sinn airson gum bi barrachd daoine òg le Gàidhlig. Le fàs ann am foghlam Gàidhlig, tha e air leth cudromach gum bi cothrom aig òigridh Gàidhlig a chleachadh taobh a-muigh na sgoile ann an suidheachadh spòrsail, inntinneach a leigeas leotha an cuid Ghàidhlig a chleachdadh.

Thèid am bus seo a chleachdadh air feadh na h-Alba, airson tachartas òigridh leithid Campa Sradagan, Tursan Sgithidh, Duais Iain Muir, prògram samhraidh ann an Leòdhas, prògraman cur-seachadan le sligheadaireachd agus eile.
Meanbh-bhus ¦ Minibus

Bu toigh leinn meanbh-bhus Ford Transit no eile (17 àitean) a cheannach. Cosgaidh seo mu £36,000. Tha sinn a’ dol a chosg cuid den stòras againn fhèin agus an dùil iarrtasan a chur a-steach airson maoineachadh. Ma thèid againn air maoineachadh a thogail bhon choimhearsnachd, tha sinn ann an suidheachadh nas làidire agus ni e diofar mhòr.

Tha sinn feumach air meanbh-bhus gus barrachd obair òigridh a dhèanamh agus cosgaisean màil a chumail sìos. Le goireas mar seo, thèid againn air cur-seachadan, prògraman agus tachartasan a bharrachd a chur air dòigh airson òigridh ann an Alba. Thèid am bus a chleachdadh air feadh na dùthcha.

We would like to purchase a Ford Transit (17 seats) or similar minibus. This will cost approximately £36,000. We have committed to spending some of our own charitable resources and also intend to apply for grants. Being able to say that the wider community was able to contribute £10,000 would make all the difference.

We need a minibus in order to expand our work with young people and keep rental costs to a minimum. The more we keep within the Gaelic economy, the more we can spend on youth work. With a minibus we can offer more activities, programmes and events for the young people of Scotland.

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Book Giveaway: Pagan Writers Presents – Samhain

The Pagan Writers Community are giving away a copy of their upcoming anthology, “Pagan Writers Presents – Samhain

Go to the PWC blog to post a comment, as entries close later today.

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All Hallows

I had made quite a number of plans for All Hallows eve – I was going to set a dumb supper, sit out for the night as I usually do, and indulge in a bit of scrying.   Unfortunately, the gods had other plans.  I was ill and spend the night with indoor plumbing. 

To be honest, I am not sure it wasn’t what I deserved.  I had noticed the change in the air about 14 days ago and I could feel it building up to a peak, but I ignored it.  After all, I had booked the 31st October and 1st November off work in order to honour the occasion.   I knew the peak had passed and winter was now upon us and I had missed the shift.  I supposed I deserved a dose of illness as a punishment for ignoring my instincts.   From now on, I am going to have to make a concerted effort to listen to the landscape and, as work are so flexible, book the days off I know I will need as and when.

At least the days for solstice are fixed. 

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