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Animator King Rollo Films planning first Gaelic series – BBC News

Animation studio King Rollo Films, the makers of Humf and Deer Little Forest, plans to make its first Gaelic language television series.

The makers of children’s TV programmes Spot, Humf and Deer Little Forest previously announced plans to develop a new series from a base on Skye.

It also emerged last month that it will hold free workshops for artists next month and in January as part of an effort to create a local workforce.

Gaelic language college Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI will host the training.

King Rollo Films said the new animated series, which will be offered in Gaelic and English, could be ready within three years.

The studio’s Leo Nielsen said: “This is just the start. We hope to create an animation unit that will develop and expand in years to come, producing films to entertain families around the world.

“In the process, it will create exciting and sustainable creative jobs rooted in the Highlands.”

Amanda Millen, Gaelic-speaking director of the XpoNorth network which is supporting the training programme, said: “This is exactly the kind of ambitious project which should be taking root in places such as Skye.

We are very happy to be in at the start, helping turn it all into a reality.

Source: Animator King Rollo Films planning first Gaelic series – BBC News

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The results are in …

… and, it’s quite clear that I did not have enough time for, and/or spend enough doing my assessment.   Though I must say, given I did my oral assessment in my pyjamas and slippers, without having showered, or cleaned my teeth, I did pretty well.   I do remember not being able to think clearly having only woken up 10 minutes beforehand, and having been deprived of sleep during a stressful week of car issues, but it seems my assessor thought I warmed to it.

As to the written, I actually scored a zero on one question, because I didn’t read it properly.   To be honest, I actually don’t even remember doing that particular question.  Oh dear!   But, given I had to do a week’s worth of normal work, as well as the assessment papers – thanks to mother nature’s pounding of Scotland, taking out power, and means of communication – I didn’t do too badly.

The thing is, I passed!!!

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Last night I started on the next unit of my Gaelic course, only to find I’ve been coddled these last few weeks.   So many pages of new concepts, and explanations that my head was spinning.   Upon going back to it this evening, I dared to look ahead and the “explanatory” pages are increasing in number for each week.   I’m not sure I have the memory for this.

Once this unit is complete, there is another assessment, but I’ve had to absorb so much, I doubt I will remember anything.


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Tapadh leibh, Iain Mac Fionnlaigh

If it had not been for my fellow SMO student emailing me this week, I would never have noticed that the deadline for enrolment on my particular course was this week, and I would have missed out.   It seems the college had, in fact, overlooked my correspondence to them in July, and August.

Enrolment FormI now have the enrolment forms, signed, along with the payment forms tucked up in an envelope, on which is stuck a first class stamp, and shall post them tomorrow, having already emailed both back to the college.   Fortunately, they have extended the enrolment deadline until Monday (just?) for me.

Iain, mo charaid: iomadh taing.

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Slightly Panicky

I had an email today from one of my fellow students on An Cùrsa Inntrigidh, who mentioned the deadline for applications to the various units was looming large.    I have just checked the timetable and the deadline for my unit is tomorrow.   I am a little panicky, because I submitted an enquiry form earlier in the month, and I contacted the college directly over the summer when I made my decision to re-enrol in the last unit I studied, and yet I have had absolutely no contact from Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.   I will have to telephone them tomorrow, as now I am more than a little concerned; I just can’t afford to keep pushing back my studies, time wise.

I do hope I haven’t been overlooked.  I would hate to have to wait yet another six months to continue with the Gaelic.

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I think that’s a pass!

Earrann 1 - Pass

I do believe that is a pass.  All that stress, but I got through it, and actually didn’t do too badly.   Phew!  What a relief.  All that’s left now is to translate my tutor’s comments on my work.    I guess I will be spending a few hours with the (Teach Yourself) Gaelic Dictionary when I get home this evening.

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Well, I’ve submitted my first assessment for Earran 1 of An Cùrsa Inntrigidh.   The first few sections didn’t really take that long, but when I reviewed them a few days later, I realised I had done them incorrectly.   The audio recording took several attempts, and I ended up incredibly frustrated.   In the end, I stopped going over, and over the work because I just couldn’t see anything anymore.   So, when I woke today, I emailed it off without reviewing it again.  A mistake, maybe, but far less stressful than worrying over every last letter.

Now, I have to spend the evening finishing this week’s section, which, rather unfortunately, contains a considerable amount of new vocabulary, and sentence structures.   In fact, I am really struggling with the conversational/audio work this week, which is unusual.   I think tomorrow’s tutorial may be a bit of a wash-out for me, as I just can’t see it all falling into place magically in the next few hours.

This week will have to be spent reviewing this week’s section, while learning the next.

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