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Rèidio A-Màireach

Rèidio A-Màireach needs your help!

Nope, not your money; just a few moments of your time.

Now that we are back up and running on Radionomy, we need our listeners to help us get the word out about Rèidio A-Màireach.

Part of the deal with the Radionomy platform is that we must meet a minimum monthly listener total, so we need you lovers of Gaelic & Celtic music to let your friends know about us! If we fail to meet the monthly minimum, our stream will be shut down.

Yes, it’s true that we are currently running a limited programming due to constraints imposed on us by the new platform, but we do hope that the US agencies will soon work out a new agreement for small webcasters that will allow us to return to our normal programming platform.

See here for an explanation as to why we had to move in the first place: https://www.facebook.com/amaireachradio/posts/1017696501624423

So, please help us get the word out.

Great Celtic & Gaelic music here on Rèidio A-Màireach:  http://amaireach.com/


Posted by Rèidio A-Màireach on Monday, 4 January 2016

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Gàidhlig Gu Leòr

Dè mu dheidhinn èisteachd ri ceòl Gàidhlig a’ Bhliadhn’ Ùr seo? Bidh sinn a’ cluiche òrain le diofar luchd-ciùil a’ seinn anns a’ Ghàidhlig. Bho òrain anns an t-seann-nòs gu punc Gàidhlig, bidh rudeigin ann airson a h-uile duine!

Gaelic Galore

How about listening to Gaelic music this New Years Eve? We will be playing songs by different musicians singing in Gaelic. From traditional songs to Gaelic punk, there will be something for everyone!

31.12.2015 10:30 a.m. (Local time, Melbourne, Australia) – live streaming available online at 3cr.

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21 December 2015 · 19:31

“Leam Thu” ~ Gabbro

This is an entry for CalMac Culture Music.

They call themselves Gabbro (‘gabbro’ is the rock type that the cuillins of Skye are made up of). They recently formed after a performance at a charity event called ‘C.r.y out for a Ceilidh’ and decided to continue with the same line up, writing new Gaelic and English songs, playing tunes for ceilidh dancing and more. Their song entry is written by our singer Kerrie. It is called “Leam Thu“.

English Translation below.:

You are mine
with your beauty
You are mine
with a loving hold
You are mine
as you always were
You are mine
keep me close
You are mine
rising and falling
You are mine
you gave me more
You are mine
I have no desire for others
You are mine
what does it matter?
You are mine
here we are still
You are mine!

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2 March 2015 · 21:44

Mothballing of Bliadhna nan Òran

Here’s hoping it returns soon.

Social Media Alba ®


A popular BBC website that documented the history of Scottish Gaelic songs and writers has disappeared from the Internet after an attempt to archive the site as a result apparently of the project coming to a close. Instead of being taken to archived pages, users of the Bliadhna na Òran site are experiencing the 404 error of ‘Page not found’.

The website is used as a classroom resource by teachers across the country as well as by researchers, students and the general community. And according to comments on Social Media, its mothballing has caused surprise and some anger.

It is not apparent that there was any consultation with site users over a change to the public website. Especially as only over a week ago during the National Mòd in Inverness was the website being promoted in the Comunn Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis lecture at the UHI Building on Ness Walk which makes its disappearance even more…

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“Jock’s Revenge” by Whisky Kiss

Came across this on Facebook; rather enjoy it and hope they put out an album.  If you like the music, it is available via iTunes.  If you want to book the band, try their website, here.


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17 June 2014 · 19:00

Y Gwyll (Hinterland) ~ John Hardy Music

This is the music for the opening sequence of the Y Gwyll (Hinterland) series recently shown on BBC4. I’ve listened a few times to the album, and find it quite atmospheric, and enjoyable.

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Gaol by Macanta

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20 May 2014 · 22:27