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The ‘Great British’ Haggis?


Great British Haggis

The latest addition to the Stahly haggis family is the Great British Haggis. Made, of course, with the finest traditional ingredients, this modern take on the original Scotch Haggis is dressed to appeal to a wider audience. In a smart new coat of red, white and blue with a subtle hint of tartan to retain its proud Scottish heritage, the new Great British Haggis is a very modern version of a very traditional product.

This company has decided to re-brand the traditional Scottish haggis as ‘British’ haggis, complete with Union Jack. If you would like to send them your feedback, here is their contact link.

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Gift from the North

Chocolate Haggis

I arrived at work today to find a parcel from a very lovely lady in Scotland.   Upon visiting The Chocolate Tree, this friend took the trouble to purchase a chocolate haggis, pack it carefully, and beautifully, and post it to me.   I am ever so grateful, and truly touched that my friend went to all this trouble.

Thanks to BFY from Scotland for my lovely present.

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