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Result! #Gaelic to be represented on new RBS £5 note #Gàidhlig – Social Media Alba (Glasgow)

Well done! Campaign to boost the Scottish Gaelic language and culture on banknotes was a success (although we did not get Màiri Mhòr nan Òran) Back in December we campaigned to have Gaelic represented on the new banknotes due to come out. RBS were consulting the public, and they listened! Here’s a specimen of the reverse of the banknote – you can see Sorley MacLean’s signature with a couple of lines from his poem ‘The Choice’ (An Roghainn, Dàin Do Eimhir XXII) [. . .]

Read more at: Result! #Gaelic to be represented on new RBS £5 note #Gàidhlig – Social Media Alba (Glasgow)

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Time Passes

It has been a while since I posted here, and that is mostly down to a change in my work situation, meaning I spend more than my allotted time at work, the knock-on effect of which is that my health is now suffering.  Every weekend for the last month, or so, including the Easter break I have spent either very unwell indeed, or attempting to catch up on lost sleep.   Any social activities, including calling my mother back in Australia, have all but ceased.

Just trying to get to scheduled appointments, of which I no longer have many, is a struggle.  On Tuesday, I went to work on just one hour’s sleep after I failed to fall asleep the night before, but had an early appointment during the day that I was unable to cancel.   Since then, I have felt absolutely drained.

So, if you are reading this and wondering why the silence, or you haven’t heard from me.  Please know I am aware of how rude it seems, but until I can get to my consultant, and get some medication to help, I’m at the mercy of my disease.

Wishing my readers the best of health, and happiness.

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Leaving Flickr

Since Flickr has decided to remove the ability to share photographs directly with WordPress, or any blog platform, other than Tumblr, I have decided to leave Flickr.  The problem is that I have over 3,500 photographs stored, tagged, and organised there, so it will be some hefty move.

If anyone is aware of any suitable, more user-friendly alternatives, I am open to suggestions, and I am happy to take my subscription elsewhere.   Please leave your suggestions and/or comments below.


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Another Sorry Tale

Sunday and Monday were painful days.   I had gout, period pain and, just to add to my misery, Crohns.  I could only take on pain medication, however, so I opted for the anti-inflammatory/painkiller for my gout, as I want it to go away as soon as possible.   This left me with just the cramps from my period, and from Crohns which was enough to prevent me sleeping.  Needless to say, I did not go to work on Monday.   I returned to work today, and though my foot is sore, it is not really painful, and being day 3 of my cycle, the cramps have reduced to twinges.   I have had to take medication for my Crohns though in order to get to work.   I am still tired (fatigue being a symptom of Crohns), but I am not sitting at home going stir crazy.

In order to facilitate rest, I also turned off my phone, but woke today to discover my mother is back in hospital, having been rushed in by ambulance over the Easter break, but returned home because there was no-one available to do tests, or to treat her.   Mother is now at the main city hospital where they are conducting tests, and she will probably end up having her surgery there, too.   I do hope they can relieve her discomfort.  Having come through cancer last year, the treatments for that, and her arthritis have left her in a bad way.     I know she really wanted to go to her first grand-daughter’s Christening, but was just far too sick to travel, enduring similar symptoms to my Crohns, in addition to arthritis, and swelling due to the removal of her glands during the cancer surgeries.   Sometimes the side effects of treatments leave you in a rather pitiful state.

I’m hoping my Mother recovers soon, and my own health improves.   I hate writing these sorry tales.

On a brighter note, it seems my little niece was quite the star during her Christening.   My uncle kindly took a video of some of the proceedings, so I could see part of it, since I was unable to attend; so thoughtful.   I have never seen a picture, or a video where my little niece isn’t smiling, which is such a joy to see, and they are such a beautiful family.  But my, how time flies and how quickly little babies grow.    I’m wondering if my brother, and his wife are wishing time would slow down so they can savour their little, baby girl just that tiny bit more.   Little Flower is just so adorable.

Wishing my readers the best of weeks, as we lazily meander into May.


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No, not a reference to the Easter bunny, but to my current walking style.   I’m afraid the gout appears to have settled in for the long haul.  It’s making getting about rather difficult, not to mention getting to work.  I’m rather fed up with it all now.  I managed around two hours of sleep, before I had to get up to get myself to work, and then I had to attempt to concentrate for my entire shift, before driving home, all the while with this unending pain throbbing and pulsing about my left foot.

I am supposed to get in extra study time.   Pffft.

I want to be pain free, and I want (nay: need) to sleep.

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Skara Urn Earrings

Skara Urn EarringsEbay has yielded gold – well, silver actually – again.  Picked up a pair of earrings from one of my favourite Sheila Fleet ranges: Skara Urn.

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19 April 2014 · 01:45

Owl Handbag – Ness

Ness HandbagA little while back, Ness stocked some lovely bags with pretty patterns incorporating owls.  Of course, I could ill afford to purchase them, but I did admire them.  Fortunately, there is always ebay, which allows you to save searches, and receive email alerts whenever anything comes up that fits the criteria of the search.

Thanks to ebay, I am now the proud owner of a second-hand, Beatrix, owl pattern handbag (in excellent condition), and it’s the perfect size for my everyday things.  Thus I have dumped my boring, old, black leather, cross body bag in favour of the Beatrix bag, pictured right, from Ness.   Best of all, I didn’t pay very much for it at all; a real bargain.  Sometimes spelling errors, or missed information are good things.

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14 April 2014 · 19:09