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Result! #Gaelic to be represented on new RBS £5 note #Gàidhlig – Social Media Alba (Glasgow)

Well done! Campaign to boost the Scottish Gaelic language and culture on banknotes was a success (although we did not get Màiri Mhòr nan Òran) Back in December we campaigned to have Gaelic represented on the new banknotes due to come out. RBS were consulting the public, and they listened! Here’s a specimen of the reverse of the banknote – you can see Sorley MacLean’s signature with a couple of lines from his poem ‘The Choice’ (An Roghainn, Dàin Do Eimhir XXII) [. . .]

Read more at: Result! #Gaelic to be represented on new RBS £5 note #Gàidhlig – Social Media Alba (Glasgow)

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One Night Out

I took the night off work on Wednesday to attend a concert.  I went to see Julie Fowlis perform at Kings Place in London.   I’m so pleased I did, as I had utterly forgotten how live music can penetrate both the body, and the soul.   It was over all too quickly, and I was heading home, a very happy person.

Kings Place as a venue was lovely, with a cafe, restaurant, and various seating areas.  There were galleries, and plenty of facilities for those attending events.   The hall itself was gorgeous, and a bit Scandinavian looking.   A picture of the audience can be seen here.  The only slightly odd thing about the whole evening was that, apart from Julie, and the songs, I did not hear a word of Gàidhlig all night.

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At Last

I am finally back at work.    The foot is still painful, but I can walk – just not too much – and so I’ve forgone taking the anti-inflammatory/painkiller in favour of giving my digestive system a rest, thus allowing me to leave home, and return to work.  I must say, it is good, really good to be out of the house.   I hate being sick as being stuck at home drives me crazy.  I get so bored, even though there are things to do.  It’s that sense of being caged-in, of restriction to my freedom that is out of my control.

There are worse things though.

I’m hoping I will be able to wear normal shoes by the middle of next week, in time for the concert.   I’m so looking forward to my first night out in years.   Various bits of the special outfit I purchased for the concert have already arrived, and (so far) everything fits, and looks good.   I’m hoping the rest will turn up in time, and that everything will come together for a great night out.  I’m just trying not to get too excited.

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Sky Local Pitch

Had a man turn up at my door today, wearing Sky insignia jacket, with Sky insignia name badge insisting he wasn’t a salesman, asking me to tell him how much I paid for my Sky, Virgin, etc.   Insisted he was from Sky Local.   I repeatedly told him I didn’t know how much I paid (none of his fecking business) but he was running off the names of my neighbours, and how much each of them paid, and telling me how I should be paying £38/month while showing me a BBC news article on his iPad.  I repeatedly told him I was with Virgin because they provide BBC Alba in England.  He insisted that Sky do, too, and asked if I realised I wasn’t getting Atlantic or some other channel.  I said “I don’t care” and tried to close the door, but he wouldn’t budge.  Finally, I said “I’m not interested!” and shut the door.  I was too ill to deal with this rubbish.

The Liar continually insisted he wasn’t a salesman but kept throwing figures at me, asking me if I didn’t want to save money, and repeatedly stated he was from “Sky Local”.   I wonder how many are falling for this crap?

On another note, my foot is improving gradually; however, it seems that tablet I’m taking to protect the lining of my stomach from the painkiller/anti-inflammatory doesn’t seem to be protecting the next section along.   I could have got to work today, had my digestive system been co-operative.   For the first 2.5 hours I was awake, I was stuck in the taigh-beag.    Ugh.   My abdomen is throwing somersaults, and making the loudest noises it has ever emitted.   Debating whether or not I should eat, and risk being stuck in the room for longer (at the moment, I’m getting short breaks).

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Ups and Downs

So, I got some serious sleep without being disturbed, my foot elevated on pillows.   Seemed fine when I woke with only a little pain, then I lifted my leg down to the floor (didn’t touch it) and suddenly the intensity returned.   So, maybe the meds, frozen peas, and elevation are helping, just not enough.

The other issue is the drugs: although they appear to be alleviating the pain, if not the actual inflammation, they do make me feel rather tingly, light-headed, and a bit dizzy.   Certainly, I won’t be able to drive.   I figure, though, if I can get the pain to subside when my foot is not elevated, and I wait until I get to work to eat, at which point I take the anti-inflammatories, I can bypass the driving issue altogether, and get to work.  By the time my shift is over, I should be okay to drive home, and then take the next dose before heading to bed.   Well, it’s a plan.

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