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Bliadn’ ùr mhath

Wishing my readers, my family, and everyone else the best that 2016 has to offer.

I know this post is late, but I took a wee break from the internet (using only my phone) over the holiday period, but I am back and re-engaging.

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Moran taing mo charaidean

I should have written this back in February, but time gets away from me these days, no matter how much I intend to hold on to it.

At the end of a rather horrible, miserable January, my car began to fail, and it came on top of a lot of other stressers, such as exams.  I vented, as I am want to do, both here, and on a social media website.  I wasn’t asking for help, I just needed the words out of my head, and stored somewhere else, really anywhere else.  A lot of my friends, and I mean a lot, offered suggestions, help, support, and came to my aid even though I wasn’t really asking for it.   To those people I owe a debt of gratitude.  I know some worked behind-the-scenes, because when I woke the day after I vented, everything seemed light, bright, happy, and issues started to work themselves out, and the stress had fallen away.  I am fortunate I have friends who can do such things, and to them I owe much.

Perhaps it is fortuitous that I didn’t write this post until today?  Last night I received word I passed my exams held in the last week of January, and first week of February.  I am only waiting on the details, and feedback now.  I wonder if I would have done so well without the calming influence of so many of the good folk I have in my life?  In just 12 (I’m sure very) short weeks, I shall graduate into the intermediate course and that, in part, is due to my friends.

I am sorry you have had to endure my absences, my inattention, and my taking you for granted.   I have let a lot of things fall by the wayside while studying, but I must do better, because attaining knowledge should never be at the expense of friends, and/or family.   Thank you for sticking around while I try and find my feet.  I won’t say it won’t happen again, I will make mistakes, but I will do my best to reciprocate your kindnesses.

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Gift from the North

Chocolate Haggis

I arrived at work today to find a parcel from a very lovely lady in Scotland.   Upon visiting The Chocolate Tree, this friend took the trouble to purchase a chocolate haggis, pack it carefully, and beautifully, and post it to me.   I am ever so grateful, and truly touched that my friend went to all this trouble.

Thanks to BFY from Scotland for my lovely present.

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One Sad Saturday Night

I woke up late today, probably recoverying from a exhausting week.   I got up ready to go for a long walk, but then “It’s a Wonderful Life” was on television, and as it wasn’t on during the festive period or, perhaps I missed it being in hospital.  So, I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and then went out to do a grocery shop as I had limited healthy food in the house.

I returned after dark to find that my little house was the only one with a light on.  I live in a small, friendly lane, consisting on one young couple, a single woman, a middle-aged couple, an elderly couple and then two families.  Every single one of them was out at 8 o’clock on a Saturday night.   Me, I have just unloaded my groceries, have eaten breakfast (yes, working evenings puts my meal times out), and am sitting here checking to see if I won a competition, logging my food intake into a data sheet, syncing my steps from my Fitbit pedometer, and updating this blog.   How sad can I be?  Everyone, everyone but me, is out on a Saturday night and I am home on my aging laptop.

It’s too late to make any plans for tonight, so I will start the housework, bake my weekly loaf, and make a start on my meals for the week.   I don’t even have a Scandi-Nordic programme to look forward to on BBC Three.  I doubt I will have an early night, but, unlike my neighbours, I won’t be out and about.

One, sad Saturday night it is.

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Reblog: Wicca Moon Tarot

The above is a nice review of a tarot deck created by a friend of mine.

Dangling Pentacles Tarot

Here’s a gem I stumbled across on EBay a few weeks ago. It’s a self-published deck from England, and very probably the single most pagan Tarot deck I have seen. While it’s based on the Rider-Waite, there are significant changes to many of the cards. I wish I could show you the whole deck, but copyright prevents this. While the art is not always sophisticated (some of the figures, particularly on the court cards) seem somewhat flat, there are others that really stand out.

One thing I love is the cards are borderless, and large. The card stock seems good, far less flimsy that certain commercial publishers’ decks. They’re not slick, so handling them is more sure and they’re not likely to simply slip as you shuffle them. They are large, roughly 97mmx148mm (just over 3 6/8″ x 5 7/8″) so those with smaller hands might find them a challenge…

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An Unexpected Gift

When I arrived at work today, there was a package on my desk.  Oh, it’s one of the books I ordered I thought.   When I returned from training, I finally had a chance to open it and inside was Hugh’s Three Good Things.. At first, I was a little confused, because I didn’t remember ordering the book, but then I found the dispatch slip and discovered that a friend of mine, who resides in Ireland had sent it to me.

I was so pleased.  I have not had the best of run of luck of late (deaths in the family; sewage exploding in the house; and personal illness), so this cheered me up.

I can’t wait to explore the goodness inside.

So, a huge thank you to my friend over at Banging on about stuff.

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Audio Heaven


I am ever so grateful to have been gifted hours of fun in the form of a myriad of audio books, kindly bestowed upon me by a friend, Kali.  

I am fortunate indeed to know such lovely, generous people, who also happen to have good taste in books.

Thank you, Kali, from the bottom of my heart.


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