Rèidio A-Màireach

Rèidio A-Màireach needs your help!

Nope, not your money; just a few moments of your time.

Now that we are back up and running on Radionomy, we need our listeners to help us get the word out about Rèidio A-Màireach.

Part of the deal with the Radionomy platform is that we must meet a minimum monthly listener total, so we need you lovers of Gaelic & Celtic music to let your friends know about us! If we fail to meet the monthly minimum, our stream will be shut down.

Yes, it’s true that we are currently running a limited programming due to constraints imposed on us by the new platform, but we do hope that the US agencies will soon work out a new agreement for small webcasters that will allow us to return to our normal programming platform.

See here for an explanation as to why we had to move in the first place: https://www.facebook.com/amaireachradio/posts/1017696501624423

So, please help us get the word out.

Great Celtic & Gaelic music here on Rèidio A-Màireach:  http://amaireach.com/


Posted by Rèidio A-Màireach on Monday, 4 January 2016

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