Gaelic Tutorial – Week 2

I had my second tutorial with the Atlantic Gaelic Academy today.   I am enjoying these tutorials as, thus far, the focus in on listening, speaking, and conversing and I am being pulled up on my accent, and am learning much more about how to use my mouth to produce the non-English sounds.

Today’s tutorial was a little difficult, as out of my two fellow students, one did not turn up, and the other kept dropping out due to weather issues affecting their internet connection.  Quite a bit of time was spent, therefore, with my tutor giving me phrases at speed, and my having to (a) translate them; and then (b) answer them.

I used the phrase “Can sin a-rithist gu mall” quite a bit, I have to say.  It was interesting, and quite fun.  I’m feeling a little more confident about my listening, and speaking but not too much as the phrases were very basic.

I have been given the details of another student who is at a similar level to me, whom I hope to connect with this weekend for practice.   I could do with practice, as I have quite a bit of new vocabulary – and, in turn, new pronunciations – to learn before joining the regular class.

I’m finding myself excited to be studying Gaelic again.

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