OVO Energy – Poor Customer Service

So, I did a comparison of energy suppliers, and found I could save money if I switched to OVO Energy.  Filled out the forms, saved a bit more money by only choosing social media for support, read that they would send me a a welcome email to set up my online account so I could track the changeover process.  All seemed simple; and fine.

Then, the welcome email arrived on Thursday, 19 November.  I followed the instructions but could not log in.  So, I took to Twitter to ask for assistance.  After a period of waiting, I sent them a direct message via Twitter.  Still nothing, though OVO responded to the queries of other customers.    So, I went to Facebook and sent a direct message.  Nothing!  Again, other customers were having their posts answered.  So, I took to commenting on other posts to their page from other customers.  Again, overlooked.

I sent them an ultimatum to sort out my problem, or contact me by Monday, 23 November; or cancel my switchover.   This morning, 76 hours after my first contact with them, the responded, asking for information which I had already provided them in my direct messages.   I intend to wait another 72 hours before informing them I don’t deal with wilfully ignorant people, or companies and they can close my account.

It looks like I will be heading to Good Energy after all.  More expensive, but at least they top of the list of customer service providers.

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