Fecking Fed Up

I’ve had just about enough of other people these past two weeks.

I’ve had very little trouble over the years buying online until very recently.  I attempted to purchase a gift for my niece’s upcoming birthday, for which my sister would take delivery from the supplier, and then deliver the gift nicely wrapped, accompanied by a card, by hand, to my niece.   My sister departed on Friday, and I received a refundfrom the supplier just a few minutes ago, despite paying for the item 14 days ago.  If they didn’t have it in stock, why didn’t they say so sooner?

I’ve had an Ebay seller take a large sum of money, keep the goods, and Ebay find in their favour, now informing me I have no recourse left to recover the money.

I’ve had a buyer inform me that my being confined to my house for a week is no excuse for not posting an item within 48 hours.  I explained I was under doctor’s orders as my infection was a danger to the public, and I was confined for a week, but this just sparked an incredibly vitriolic response from said purchaser.

Today, I’ve had another buyer demand I pack their item (already boxed, containing internal packing devices specifically to keep the item in place) in layers of bubble wrap to ensure no damage to the outside box.  It’s a fecking toner, it’s already wrapped, it’s exactly how we received it from the supplier, and damage to the box is not going to result in damage to the item, as the box is already damaged without any ill effects, the damage being clearly visible on the photographs I posted.  But now, the cost of wrapping the item has almost doubled, resulting in less money going to the charity.  This is the second such note I’ve received from a purchaser.  As a result, I have now doubled all the postage costs on my items.

There is a reason I don’t work in retail, and the above is just a small part of it.  People piss me off.  People persistently piss me off.   If it wasn’t for the fact I am selling on behalf of our company to raise funds for a children’s charity, I would tell everyone to go FOAD.

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  1. Retail can be hell. Disgraceful behaviour thoigh especially that Ebay let a seller off the hook like that!!

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