Time Passes

It has been a while since I posted here, and that is mostly down to a change in my work situation, meaning I spend more than my allotted time at work, the knock-on effect of which is that my health is now suffering.  Every weekend for the last month, or so, including the Easter break I have spent either very unwell indeed, or attempting to catch up on lost sleep.   Any social activities, including calling my mother back in Australia, have all but ceased.

Just trying to get to scheduled appointments, of which I no longer have many, is a struggle.  On Tuesday, I went to work on just one hour’s sleep after I failed to fall asleep the night before, but had an early appointment during the day that I was unable to cancel.   Since then, I have felt absolutely drained.

So, if you are reading this and wondering why the silence, or you haven’t heard from me.  Please know I am aware of how rude it seems, but until I can get to my consultant, and get some medication to help, I’m at the mercy of my disease.

Wishing my readers the best of health, and happiness.

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