The results are in …

… and, it’s quite clear that I did not have enough time for, and/or spend enough doing my assessment.   Though I must say, given I did my oral assessment in my pyjamas and slippers, without having showered, or cleaned my teeth, I did pretty well.   I do remember not being able to think clearly having only woken up 10 minutes beforehand, and having been deprived of sleep during a stressful week of car issues, but it seems my assessor thought I warmed to it.

As to the written, I actually scored a zero on one question, because I didn’t read it properly.   To be honest, I actually don’t even remember doing that particular question.  Oh dear!   But, given I had to do a week’s worth of normal work, as well as the assessment papers – thanks to mother nature’s pounding of Scotland, taking out power, and means of communication – I didn’t do too badly.

The thing is, I passed!!!

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