Moran taing mo charaidean

I should have written this back in February, but time gets away from me these days, no matter how much I intend to hold on to it.

At the end of a rather horrible, miserable January, my car began to fail, and it came on top of a lot of other stressers, such as exams.  I vented, as I am want to do, both here, and on a social media website.  I wasn’t asking for help, I just needed the words out of my head, and stored somewhere else, really anywhere else.  A lot of my friends, and I mean a lot, offered suggestions, help, support, and came to my aid even though I wasn’t really asking for it.   To those people I owe a debt of gratitude.  I know some worked behind-the-scenes, because when I woke the day after I vented, everything seemed light, bright, happy, and issues started to work themselves out, and the stress had fallen away.  I am fortunate I have friends who can do such things, and to them I owe much.

Perhaps it is fortuitous that I didn’t write this post until today?  Last night I received word I passed my exams held in the last week of January, and first week of February.  I am only waiting on the details, and feedback now.  I wonder if I would have done so well without the calming influence of so many of the good folk I have in my life?  In just 12 (I’m sure very) short weeks, I shall graduate into the intermediate course and that, in part, is due to my friends.

I am sorry you have had to endure my absences, my inattention, and my taking you for granted.   I have let a lot of things fall by the wayside while studying, but I must do better, because attaining knowledge should never be at the expense of friends, and/or family.   Thank you for sticking around while I try and find my feet.  I won’t say it won’t happen again, I will make mistakes, but I will do my best to reciprocate your kindnesses.

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