“Leam Thu” ~ Gabbro

This is an entry for CalMac Culture Music.

They call themselves Gabbro (‘gabbro’ is the rock type that the cuillins of Skye are made up of). They recently formed after a performance at a charity event called ‘C.r.y out for a Ceilidh’ and decided to continue with the same line up, writing new Gaelic and English songs, playing tunes for ceilidh dancing and more. Their song entry is written by our singer Kerrie. It is called “Leam Thu“.

English Translation below.:

You are mine
with your beauty
You are mine
with a loving hold
You are mine
as you always were
You are mine
keep me close
You are mine
rising and falling
You are mine
you gave me more
You are mine
I have no desire for others
You are mine
what does it matter?
You are mine
here we are still
You are mine!

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2 March 2015 · 21:44

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