Feeling Safer

PriusToday started badly, when something woke me early, and I could not get back to sleep for a few hours.  Then, I overslept on my alarm when I was supposed to be at an appointment.   When I finally arrived at my appointment to collect my car, they were very busy, and I was made to sit and wait for over an hour.  I was going to be very late for work, but I still had not seen anyone.  Finally, as I was about to leave, they decide to call me for the handover.  After 10 minutes of them trying to sell me expensive servicing plans, I finally get the keys, and get moving.

The picture above is of the car I have purchased.  Yes, it is 10 years old, but with only 40,000 (verified) miles on the clock, it should run smoothly for many years to come, and it only costs £10 a year in tax.  I have to say, though, there is a lot to get used to in terms of driving a Prius – it’s not your normal car.   The best part about my Prius is that it has no oil, or engine light showing, and it’s very, very quiet.  In other words, I feel very safe driving to, and from work in icy conditions.

So, new month, new week, new job, and new (second-hand) car.   New job?  Yes!  That’s right: my position at work has changed, and I have returned to my former role, the one I was hired for, and the one I was pursuing outside the firm.

January may have been a horrible month for many reasons, but February is looking … okay.

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