Bad News – Good News – Bad News

So I had to pay the RAC for a new battery for my car last night.  More money spent on a car that is knackered.

Today, I telephoned my Debt Manager (a charity) and laid out my predicament.  Oh, that’s okay they said.  You can reduce your payments since a car is essential for you to remain in work.   Great.  Went online, found car less than 5 miles away that would suit which costs £10 annually for registration, and would reduce fuel costs by nearly a third.   Not only that, despite being ten years old it had very low mileage, having been owned by an elderly couple who part exchanged for an upgrade of the same model.   Sounding better!    This afternoon, I went down to take a look – all fine and dandy even if the colour is awful.

So, spent the next two hours waiting to see if finance would come through.  Eventually got fed up and left when certain companies promised to call in half an hour, but left me waiting for over an hour.   Final result?  No one will finance me over 5 years for the amount specified (per month) by my Debt Managers.   All of £150 a month.

Called Debt Managers back this evening and asked if I should try for a personal loan.  Absolutely not!  Though, the advice this morning was that if I had to borrow from friends and family that, too, would be okay.

As things stand, I must continue to drive a car with the oil light constantly on, while the engine makes excruciating noises noises; a car that could break down at any time.  And, I have absolutely no fecking way of replacing it when it does because, as of today, my credit history shows countless searches, but no finance.

Getting so despondent now.

And just for icing:  didn’t get any sleep before my assessment this morning, and totally forgot certain sentence structures.

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