The festive season came upon me very quickly this year.  Although, I had bought xmas cards as soon as I saw something appropriate back in early November, I failed to write them out until this week.  Somehow, I lost track of the time.  I haven’t bought a single gift, and I only discovered two days ago that there is to be no late night shopping at my local supermarkets, and the sandwich shops here in town are closing at 16.00 every day next week.  The only concession is one hour’s extra opening on Saturday night.

This means my planned trip to do xmas grocery shopping on my way home from work in the early hours of Wednesday morning will not be possible, so I will have to purchase everything I need (for the whole of next week) this coming Saturday night, including the tins of biscuits and/or chocolates I usually buy for the building maintenance, and security workers.  This will be a nightmare shop as now that the XFactor has finished, there is no quiet time on a Saturday night in which to brave the supermarkets.   It’s not going to be a fun weekend.

On a brighter note, I get to take a plant home this evening.  One of the decorations from the xmas party work puts on.

PoinsettiaIt looks a little singed in places, but I’m hoping it will recover.   I’m hoping I will recover from what promises to be a manic weekend.

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