May I have some more, please?

If anyone is wondering why I went silent over the weekend, wonder no more.  I awoke around 15:00 Saturday afternoon, had something to eat, felt exhausted, and went back to bed for a quick nap.  I woke again at 20:30, and promptly fell back asleep again, waking some time just after midnight.  I got up, had something to eat, and went back to bed again.   Believe it or not, I slept through pretty much until Sunday afternoon.   I do remember fleeting consciousness several times during this epic rest, but mostly it was a deep sleep, with plenty of dreaming.

Now, a normal person would think I must have felt very rested on Sunday.  Alas, I did not.   Several weeks of attaining just a few hours of sleep a day has meant I am still in sleep deficit.   I was extremely tired when I woke on Sunday afternoon, without any semblance of energy, and I was tempted to have another nap, but I knew if I did I would not sleep before my tutorial this morning.   I stayed up until 3:00 a.m.   As it happens, I only managed 3 hours sleep before the tutorial, and two hours after.    I made it to work, but I feel utterly depleted of energy; it’s hard to keep my eyes open; and I am craving my bed.   I’ve had an espresso coffee to which I added (a lot of cold) milk so as not to alarm my digestive system in order to stay alert, but I hope the effects of the caffeine will wear off by the time I go to bed tomorrow.

I hope I am able to attain a good amount of sleep this week, as I don’t think I can keep going without adequate rest.  At some point, I feel I will just … well … collapse.

I hope my readers had a good weekend, too.

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