Belated Fathers’ Day Wishes

Holdling on to something precious: my Dad.

Holding on to something precious: my Dad.

Yesterday it was Fathers’ Day in Australia.  My intention was to send my Dad a card, and then we would Skype.   Alas, I was ill most of last week, was unable to work, or leave the house on Friday, had a horrible weekend, and struggled in to work (late) today.   At the time I should have been calling my father, I was curled up on my bed, attempting to concentrate on some texts my sister had sent me.   I tried scouring the net for an e-card, but couldn’t find one I liked, and, in the face of tiredness, and worsening discomfort, I sent my Dad a quick email.

Of course, my father deserves better.   My father deserves so much more attention, especially on a day set aside to honour men who are parents.

Dad: If you read this, know that I love you, I miss you, and I’m sorry I didn’t do more this year.  I hope you had a lovely day.

I had also intended to send a card, with my best wishes for a happy day to my brother, who is now celebrating his second year as a first-time Dad.   My brother has a beautiful daughter, and the smile on her face in every image of her I’ve seen tells me she has the most wonderful parents.   I hope you had a happy Fathers’ Day, too, dear brother.

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