Scottish Gàidhlig

So, I’ll be honest: I started learning Gàidhlig by mistake. (Who else could possibly say they learnt a language by mistake #linguistproblems). Thinking back to my childhood, I had learnt some Irish in school, mere vocabulary words, which I recited for my aunt and her Irish family (from Ireland). And so, one day, I took to YouTube and I searched for Gaelic (mistake #1) and I came upon a program called “Speaking Our Language“. I binge-watched anything I could for the day and decided to start learning (Scottish [not Irish] Gaelic/Gàidhlig. I fell in love with the phonology and all its complexities.

  1. LearnGaelic: I like the format and the layout which it very user-friendly. I haven’t explored all the levels, but from what I saw, I liked. LearnGaelic
  2. Beag air Bheag: This was the first resource I found whilst trying to uncover a treasure trove of…

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