Ignorance = Intelligence

Quote - BHThis tweet set off a series of introspective thoughts.  Here they are for your enjoyment.

I have had the odd person say I know a lot about certain things, but I have always claimed profound ignorance (i.e I know nothing – chan eli fios agamsa) about anything, and everything.  I am acutely aware of my own limited knowledge of the world.  I remember reading, somewhere, many years ago, that one sign of intelligence was awareness of one’s own ignorance.  So, though I’m aware I don’t know much, at least I console myself with the thought I have the capacity to learn.  😀

My memory doesn’t work in a straight line; I actually suspect it doesn’t work the same way as most people’s memory banks, and I mostly remember random, inane, stupid things.   The connections my brain makes between things is often obscure, if not bizarre.   Perhaps this is why conventional learning techniques never worked for me, and I prefer audio/visual resources, though the ultimate tool for learning, and absorbing information is via conversation, and debate, when ideas are free-flowing.

I never learned to study.   I can sit down and do my homework for various courses, but when people say they are revising and/or studying, I have little idea of what they are doing, or how they study/revise.   I wouldn’t know how to look for salient points that might arise in an examination, or assessment, and the thought of re-reading over materials I’ve already encountered would bore me, and I’m pretty sure I could, and would find distractions.   The only exception to this has been the audio files which form part of An Cùrsa Inntrigidh; which are conversations, and conversational exercises.  I can listen to the audio files repeatedly, but I suspect this is because I never understand them the first few times. 

So, I am ignorant, but also curious about a lot of things.  Does that make me hot?

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