Organising “Wish Lists”

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned on Facebook that she was organising her Amazon wish list, and I wondered why.   This friend had quite an extensive list it seems, so had separated her sole list into several, more manageable lists.   When I went to take a look at my own lists, I saw that as each was over 17 pages long, I should probably organised it better.   So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been trudging through my Amazon wish lists, and reorganising them.  I’m not quite there, yet, as more refinement is definitely needed.    In the interim, I have updated my Wish List page here on my blog with some of the new categories.

Having done some reorganisation, I can see the benefit: e.g. when I am looking at some desirable item online, I can easily discern if I have already marked it as something I want, have already purchased it, or I need to bookmark it.   My wish lists act more as a bookmark than actual wish lists, as I will never have the money to purchase all that I have listed.

Being able to keep wish lists of items I’ve seen which would make suitable birthday presents has been very helpful, too – another idea I borrowed from someone.   As I see things throughout the year, I add them, along with a comment of who I think would like it, so that when a birthdays come around, I don’t have to think hard to remember what I saw earlier in the year, as I have a present already to go.   [In theory!]

Here’s to the ideas of others that benefit ourselves.

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