A Bargain?

I have several “wish lists” of books out on various websites, but I always limit my spending, and ensure I never pay full price.   After all, I have an extensive “to be read” list already.  The only time I allow myself to overspend on books is when an academic publication is available at around 1/3 of its full price.   This month, I located a rather obscure book site which seemed to have a large collection of books at, what I can only describe as rock bottom prices.  Surprisingly, I found several academic books I had long desired in their inventory, including one which had often been recommended to me, but was a little too pricey given the reviews I had read.   I should point out that I frequently balance cost against reviews.   This newly found bookseller website, however, had the book at the bargain price of £4.00.   Now, how could I resist?

Of course I didn’t resist, and what’s more I found other books from my various “wish lists” at similarly small prices, and bought up a whole load.  I mean, it can’t be too long before others discover this website, and prices go back up.   Yes, the books are a blend of new, and second-hand, but the books I have purchased thus far have been in far better condition than as described on the site, so I’m very happy indeed.

I just hope I can restrain myself in future, as I have added several “wish lists” to the site in question, and it alerts me every time they acquire a copy of a book from my list.  The prices may be minuscule, but they soon add up over time.   I am not so sure I should consider these books bargains if I ultimately spend more.

In case you are wondering, my first purchase from this bookseller, was The Celts: A History from Earliest Times to the Present by Bernhard Maier.

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