What’s to do?

Friday, I went without food, but still found myself out of sorts.  Saturday, I ate and found myself with exactly the same issues.   What to do?  No matter what I do, I have no control over what my body decides to do to me.  I don’t think the increasing heat, nor lack of sleep helps, either, and I am wondering if I should look at purchasing an air-conditioner now, or wait to see how the weather pans out for the rest of the season.

Other than that, I am a little sad that the last (bilingual) episode of Hinterland, (Y Gwyll for Welsh viewers) airs on BBC4 tonight.  I’ve rather been enjoying this “celtic noir” series, as some have chosen to term it, though I admit I would rather have seen the Welsh only version.   I can only hope they film a new series and, in the interim, I’ll content myself with crime fiction books instead.


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