Stereo Upgrade

For years I have been using tape converters to listen to CDs, and, more recently, my iPod audio books while driving.   The first two I used in my latest car were good quality, and lasted quite a while, but lately the ones I’ve been purchasing don’t seem to last more than a few months.   The cord keeps breaking and I’m stuck listening to crackly, old FM stations.   This also means I cannot utilise my three (3) hour, daily commute to catch up, or revise my Gàidhlig coursework.

Given I have been spending £14 a pop on these tape converters, I decided it would be cheaper to get an upgraded stereo that would allow me to plug-in my iPod.   So, today I headed down to Halfords to see what was available, having looked at reviews online on Friday.   Apparently, the stereo will charge my iPod/iPhone as I listen, and the sound quality will be better than those awful FM transmitters, which I have also used in the past with little success.   I have now booked in to have a stereo fitted for next Saturday.

I’m sure my local Halfords will do a good job of installation; they were very good helping me choose the right stereo for my needs, and wants today, and my choice was on special.   In fact, I have always found the staff at my two, nearest Halfords have always been affable, and helpful.

I just hope my in-car, sound issues will be resolved, once and for all once everything is in place.

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