Leaving Flickr

Since Flickr has decided to remove the ability to share photographs directly with WordPress, or any blog platform, other than Tumblr, I have decided to leave Flickr.  The problem is that I have over 3,500 photographs stored, tagged, and organised there, so it will be some hefty move.

If anyone is aware of any suitable, more user-friendly alternatives, I am open to suggestions, and I am happy to take my subscription elsewhere.   Please leave your suggestions and/or comments below.


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4 responses to “Leaving Flickr

  1. Why don’t you just upload it to wordpress?

    • Upload what to WordPress? The photographs? I don’t have enough storage space at WordPress for that.

      • Well, you could resize it, full res are usually not needed. There is another work around, still use flickr but copy image location and use that to insert into your wp blog post.

  2. Well, today, I tried using the html code Flickr supplied, but was left with a thumbnail and I’m damned if I could find where to get the original size to link to in my post. In the end, I had to upload it to the media files here at WordPress, which is not what I wanted. I wanted to be able to link (and have any clicks go back) to my Flickr photograph. When I use the frames part, I get an empty post. It’s tiresome, and fiddly and it worked much better with a direct link.

    I have the exact same issues with my blogger account; I now have to upload all my pictures to the storage there, because Flickr doesn’t seem to allow me to link back to my own photographs any more, or choose which size I want to display on my blog.

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