No Doubt, It’s Gout (Again)

So, by the end of my first night out in years to see Julie Fowlis in London, my foot was aching, and I could not wait to take off my shoes.  Unfortunately, it’s a very long journey from North London to Kent.    Thursday, and the pain had not subsided, Friday and I was in agony again.  By the time I got home from work on Saturday morning, I was limping and struggling to walk.

Unfortunately, my dreams were penetrated by pain and sleep came in fits and starts, but mostly it eluded me.   I woke early Saturday afternoon, tired and in agony.  Every time I dropped my left foot, I wanted to scream – I don’t only because I don’t want to alarm my neighbours.   I could not let my left foot touch the floor.  I went and found my medications from the other week; immediately took the pill to protect my innards; waited 30 minutes because I had to wait for the pain, a result of my having to get downstairs and take the pills, to subside, then ate some cereal and took the second pill which is an anti-inflammatory/painkiller.   In no time at all, I was feeling dizzy, and a bit nauseous.   In about an hour, I could walk again with considerably less pain.

I managed to put on a slipper (with the utmost delicacy) and get to the supermarket for a quick spin around to get some food to take with the medications.   By the end of that short trip, however, I was suffering again.  I also tried to drive my car home (a three minute drive) with the handbrake still on, which provides some insight into the workings of the medications.   The process of getting up, getting myself dressed, and getting out the door, picking up bread, milk and water and getting home took nigh on six (6) hours, which gives an indication of how restrictive my movements are.

I tried to get some sleep, but I just could not get my foot in a comfortable position, and so sleep has escaped me, once again.  I’m tired, but, today, my foot is not so sensitive.  Keeping it elevated, iced and with Voltarol is helping.   I just have to find a way to walk while keeping it elevated, iced, and coated in Voltarol.   Ideas/suggestions welcome!

In addition to the handbrake incident, my concentration is shot.  I know this because I am channel surfing like the Dickens, unable to watch a programme from beginning to end, as I keep losing the thread, and, hence, interest.   Reading is definitely out, and not just because I think I need a new prescription for my glasses.   I’m so far behind in my studies now, too.   Even Facebook requires far too much concentration.    This post has taken a few hours, resting on my lap (and heating it up) here in bed.    Forgive me for any spelling and/or grammatical errors, as my mind is just not in it.  I am really writing this post for my family, who may be wondering why I have not telephoned them this weekend.

Here’s hoping we all have a good week ahead of us.

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