At Last

I am finally back at work.    The foot is still painful, but I can walk – just not too much – and so I’ve forgone taking the anti-inflammatory/painkiller in favour of giving my digestive system a rest, thus allowing me to leave home, and return to work.  I must say, it is good, really good to be out of the house.   I hate being sick as being stuck at home drives me crazy.  I get so bored, even though there are things to do.  It’s that sense of being caged-in, of restriction to my freedom that is out of my control.

There are worse things though.

I’m hoping I will be able to wear normal shoes by the middle of next week, in time for the concert.   I’m so looking forward to my first night out in years.   Various bits of the special outfit I purchased for the concert have already arrived, and (so far) everything fits, and looks good.   I’m hoping the rest will turn up in time, and that everything will come together for a great night out.  I’m just trying not to get too excited.

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