Sky Local Pitch

Had a man turn up at my door today, wearing Sky insignia jacket, with Sky insignia name badge insisting he wasn’t a salesman, asking me to tell him how much I paid for my Sky, Virgin, etc.   Insisted he was from Sky Local.   I repeatedly told him I didn’t know how much I paid (none of his fecking business) but he was running off the names of my neighbours, and how much each of them paid, and telling me how I should be paying £38/month while showing me a BBC news article on his iPad.  I repeatedly told him I was with Virgin because they provide BBC Alba in England.  He insisted that Sky do, too, and asked if I realised I wasn’t getting Atlantic or some other channel.  I said “I don’t care” and tried to close the door, but he wouldn’t budge.  Finally, I said “I’m not interested!” and shut the door.  I was too ill to deal with this rubbish.

The Liar continually insisted he wasn’t a salesman but kept throwing figures at me, asking me if I didn’t want to save money, and repeatedly stated he was from “Sky Local”.   I wonder how many are falling for this crap?

On another note, my foot is improving gradually; however, it seems that tablet I’m taking to protect the lining of my stomach from the painkiller/anti-inflammatory doesn’t seem to be protecting the next section along.   I could have got to work today, had my digestive system been co-operative.   For the first 2.5 hours I was awake, I was stuck in the taigh-beag.    Ugh.   My abdomen is throwing somersaults, and making the loudest noises it has ever emitted.   Debating whether or not I should eat, and risk being stuck in the room for longer (at the moment, I’m getting short breaks).

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