Ups and Downs

So, I got some serious sleep without being disturbed, my foot elevated on pillows.   Seemed fine when I woke with only a little pain, then I lifted my leg down to the floor (didn’t touch it) and suddenly the intensity returned.   So, maybe the meds, frozen peas, and elevation are helping, just not enough.

The other issue is the drugs: although they appear to be alleviating the pain, if not the actual inflammation, they do make me feel rather tingly, light-headed, and a bit dizzy.   Certainly, I won’t be able to drive.   I figure, though, if I can get the pain to subside when my foot is not elevated, and I wait until I get to work to eat, at which point I take the anti-inflammatories, I can bypass the driving issue altogether, and get to work.  By the time my shift is over, I should be okay to drive home, and then take the next dose before heading to bed.   Well, it’s a plan.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your pain. Sounds horrible. I do hope you recover soon. Also that your driving plan works.

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