Throb. Throb. Throb.

Tha cnàmhan péin ‘nam chas; càite bheil an drogaichean?

(I have a persistent pain in my foot; where are the drugs?)

At least, I hope that’s a correct translation.  😀

The doctor confirmed it was gout, and sent me off with a prescription, and the usual suggestions of applying a bag of frozen peas, keeping it raised – which is fine until you put your foot down again at which point the pain becomes one long, throbbing, excruciating agony – and not walking too much.   The doctor did inquire as to what I intended to do in relation to work, and I said I sit down for most of it, so I should be alright, but I will need the pain to reduce a little before I consider going anywhere.  Getting to the surgery, paying for the parking, and the hike to the pharmacy were enough to cause me to desire the complete amputation of my foot.    Although I can keep my foot flat, the agony caused by walking is a little beyond my coping level.  I’m hoping these drugs will get me to work, though they sort of mention not operating machinery, and driving, but advise the patient to decide on the effect  the drugs have on these activities.

Right now, I’m just looking forward to sleep.

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