One step forward …

So, I managed to get around four hours sleep very late today – between midday and 17.00 – after building a pillow tower on which to rest my left foot.  I found some Voltarol which I applied, the coolness of the gel was welcome relief alone.

I woke to find my toe is no longer purple, and swollen, but the joint just below it is agonising from the side, over the top.   What this means, though, is that I can now put my foot down flat, making walking easier, and I can (sort of) move my toe.   But the purple, swelling is quite pronounced now.  The pain occasionally shoots up my leg.    None of this matters, though, as I can now walk a bit and will be able to get to the doctors’ surgery tomorrow to get some relief.  I imagine if the Voltarol is helping, they may prescribe Diclofenic, again.

If the pain would only subside, so I can get on and do things about the house.  Already this has cost me a trip to buy essentials this weekend.   Of course, the most important thing is that this episode of gout is completely over before April 9, when I plan to attend the Julie Fowlis concert, the ticket for which was funded from my meagre savings.

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