No Doubt: It’s Gout

Dear Dad:

However did you manage to get through the pain of gout in the knee?  I have it in my big toe (again), only this time it’s the left foot, and it’s maddening.  Sleep was nigh on impossible as every time my toe touched something, I woke in agony.   I don’t have the painkillers I had the last time, and the ones I do have aren’t even coming close to touching the pain.   It is beginning to drive me crazy, despite it only starting last night.

Oh Dad:  how did you cope?

I had my flip flops on for a bit, but the pull on the top of my toe when I moved began to cause aggravation, so I’ve swapped to slippers, but these aren’t much better.  It’s so frustrating.

I have a feeling I will have to go to the after hours doctors tomorrow, to get a prescription for something to take the edge off.  I say “take the edge off” because, last time, the Tramadol didn’t take away any of the pain, it just made me not care about it – I was so off my face.   My only problem is going to be driving there.  Still, it is my left foot this time, so that will be a little easier, and I have slippers, so won’t be walking on blood-soaked hospital floors like last time.

Wouldn’t wish this, or my other condition, on any one.

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