Abrupt End to a Rotten Week

So, I was sick from Friday 28 February until Friday 7 March, but only took the first two days off work.   By Wednesday, I was able to stand up straight, so downed the painkillers, and headed off to work.   Wish I hadn’t.   A lot of it was training (read: watching videos) for hours on end.   The monotone voice of the instructors are great if you want to snooze, but not so if you want to learn concepts you’ve not encountered before.

Of course, I didn’t get much of my course homework done, and I’m struggling with the homework having missed last week’s tutorial.   I did the practice session with my fellow student, during which I realised I most of my answers were incorrect.  I don’t think my health issues are  helping with doing this course, either.

So, I’m taking an early night tonight.  I have a tutorial in the morning, and then have to grab an extra hour or two before having to get ready for work again.  The good news is that there are more positions like mine opening up in other firms now; the bad news being that until my health is under control, there is no use in applying.   My sick record being such that no employer would give me a second glance.

I’m writing this post just to summarise what must be one of my worst weeks, where not much has happened, and I’m so fed up, I’m taking an early night.

Wishing my readers a better week ahead.

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