Useful Gàidhlig phrases you might want to use with your mates but not your Mom…

These could very well come in handy.

Great Scot!

As anyone knows, one really good use for a foreign language, (especially one that not many around you can understand), is to let off steam with some really good curses. Here are just a few I’ve happened to overhear on Twitter in the last few weeks.

Gaelic Cliché #1! Póg mo thòn! /poke mo hawn/ – Kiss my ass!

Mo chreach! /mo chrech/ my ruin! my destruction! (from which ‘crikey’ is derived)

Dìth-bhith ort! /G-V orst/ dead easy that one, means “annihilation upon you!” -old school

Thalla ‘s caic! /hallas kachk/ away and s**t!

Ó mo thruaigh! /oh mo hrooiy/ lit. oh my pity “holy crap”

tòn an eich /tawna nyaich/ horse’s ass

Tha usa air a’ chuthach air fad! /ha usa aira chuach air fat/ You’re absolutely nuts!

Keep checking back for more! There’s bound to be a rugby match soon to provide even more curses.

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