Well, I’ve submitted my first assessment for Earran 1 of An Cùrsa Inntrigidh.   The first few sections didn’t really take that long, but when I reviewed them a few days later, I realised I had done them incorrectly.   The audio recording took several attempts, and I ended up incredibly frustrated.   In the end, I stopped going over, and over the work because I just couldn’t see anything anymore.   So, when I woke today, I emailed it off without reviewing it again.  A mistake, maybe, but far less stressful than worrying over every last letter.

Now, I have to spend the evening finishing this week’s section, which, rather unfortunately, contains a considerable amount of new vocabulary, and sentence structures.   In fact, I am really struggling with the conversational/audio work this week, which is unusual.   I think tomorrow’s tutorial may be a bit of a wash-out for me, as I just can’t see it all falling into place magically in the next few hours.

This week will have to be spent reviewing this week’s section, while learning the next.

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