Haven’t been well most of the week, but made it to work, and got through my shifts.  Not so tonight.  I am dressed, and packed and ready to go; instead, I am stuck indoors waiting for the next time I have to dash to the taigh-beag.   Of course, I wouldn’t make it in tonight, as I wanted to stay after my shift and finish my homework, then do some extra work ahead of the weekend.

It’s so frustrating.

I had planned to make posters to pin up at home to increase my vocabulary, and my keyboard, screen, and computer at work are more condusive to doing long periods of work than my poor, outdated laptop at home.   I actually one had one unit of homework to do this week, so it is the perfect time to spend doing work outside of the set coursework, but, once again, my body has let me down.  I missed this week’s tutorial because of my health, now to lose valuable work time … it’s just so infuriating.

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