Gàidhlig air Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Well, I have made it to Week 6 – tutorial in the morning – and so far, not so bad.   It’s not easy, but putting in a lot of hours listening really helps.  I have been warned, however, it will get more difficult starting this month.  Having briefly viewed the next unit, and noted the number of sound files has more than doubled, I’m pretty sure the course is about to become intense.

I am surprised given how few units we’ve done just how much I can now understand when viewing BBC Alba.  I did have a limited vocabulary before starting the course, and could pick out words here and there when people spoke, but now I am getting the gist of phrases.   I am rather chuffed with this.

I am grateful to two students, from outwith Britain, with whom I have scheduled regular, practice sessions.   These have been invaluable as we go through the work together.   It also provides me with a chance to vocalise what I’ve learned, which is necessary as the official tutorial is only an hour long, and seems to over before they’ve begun – because it is fun, and cramming in a lot.

What I have enjoyed most with this last unit is how we are expected to learn sentence structure such that we can swap words in and out to form new conversations.  It’s quite a revelation to find I have the ability to do this, and this certainly enhances comprehension when viewing programs in Gàidhlig.

Here’s hoping I enjoy the next unit as much as I have the first two.

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