The Kindness of Neighbours

The other week I happened to catch one of my neighbours as I was going out.  He asked if I had heard anything during the week as his car had been badly scratched on the pavement side.  Unfortunately, I had not.  He then went on to say he was planning to do something about the overgrowth on our property borders during the week, and said he might do some mowing on my side, too.  The borders of our properties are not clearly marked.  I responded saying I hoped to do it myself the following weekend, explaining I find the gardening a little difficult to maintain as I am rather ill.

Yesterday evening I took myself to the supermarket for essential “small room” supplies, and when I returned I noticed the lawn had been mowed, and the overgrown weeds removed on one side of the property; a considerable amount of work.  I never heard a thing but, then, I have spent most of the last three days in bed, resting.  I am so grateful to my neighbour for taking the time to do this, as it means I now only have a small patch of lawn to mow and, hopefully, I shall be able to do this later in the week once I am over this current bout.

I shall buy a thank you card during the week and pop it through his door.  I am truly grateful for the kindness of my neighbour.   I am also grateful to be living in a small lane that has retained a friendly community feel where people look out for each other – a rare treasure in these modern times.

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