Rinse, and Repeat

Knowing I had to have blood tests today, I made sure I drank a lot of water yesterday.  I only ate once – some toast with olive oil spread – in order to avoid causing any aggravation.   I should not have bothered, as, once again, before bed I had the same experience as the night before.   I had very little sleep, woke up and experienced a repeat of yesterday.   I checked my temperature again and it was still higher than normal.

I attended the surgery and, while waiting for my appointment, the hospital called to book my MRI for next week.   The lovely, sweet phlebotomist struggled to find a vein and I apologised saying I had taken as much fluid as possible.   After three attempts, the second yielding very little, we had success.  I am fortunate in that phlebotomist is so gentle that you don’t feel anything.   As soon as I left the surgery, I contacted my consultant’s office and was advised to take earliest appointment which is Tuesday morning; unfortunately, today’s tests results will be not back before the appointment.

I called my manager regarding my concerns about taking more time off work.   We came to the agreement that I should take tonight off work, leave it for the weekend, thereby giving me four days to recuperate, and reassess on Monday, by which time I am hopeful this new development will have settled down, and temperature returned to normal.  I’m hopeful this is just an acute, and not a secondary infection, so all will be well if I take it a little easy in order to give my body time to fight back.  As I am unable to take any antibiotics until after the MRI, rest appears to be all that is available.

What I find so strange is that despite the fever, and this new symptom, I don’t feel too bad.  Sure, I don’t feel great[1], but I am so used to experiencing horrendous levels of pain with acute attacks, that without pain I don’t feel particularly unwell despite the fever which feels more like a really uncomfortable, hot and humid, summer’s day[2].  It just seems wrong not go to work if I’m not in uncontrollable pain.   The joy of guilt!

Here’s hoping, dear readers, that you have a fabulous weekend, and enjoy it in good health.


[1] I am still incredibly tired, I have aches in my leg joints, and a headache, but these are things I have on a daily basis and, for me, are normal.

[2] If you’ve ever lived in the tropics you’ll know what I mean.  We used to call them “two shower days”; days so hot that you sweat constantly, even when sleeping, and so you shower to refresh.

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