Soon to be Well?

Yesterday was my colonoscopy.  All went well, and there was no anaesthetic, or sedative involved.  I couldn’t actually feel the scope, except for a few twinges when “going round bends”; I certainly didn’t feel the biopsies being taken.   There was discomfort when I got home and the painkillers had worn off.  Next time, I will opt out or any form of sedation, as there was no real pain, and I was able to have a discussion with my doctor throughout.

I am very comfortable with my new doctor as she spent a considerable amount of time before the procedure discussing things with me during the procedure telling me what was what, and after advising me how she was going to treat my condition, and answering all my questions.  The best news was when she informed me that the position of the problem make it tricky to treat, but she believes she can have me in remission by the end of the year.

I am looking forward to reestablishing my social life, my friends and living a normal life.   It would be nice to make plans, appointments, and not have to cancel at the last minute because I’m experiencing symptoms.  It will also be nice to not use all my allocated sick days before half the year has passed.

Here’s to good health!

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