Return to the Scene

Had a message over the weekend to inform me parcels had arrived at my old address, asking me to collect them.

Today, since there were issued with my prescription, I decided to go and collect them.   Turned up, only to find the parcels weren’t were I was told they were, but the dogs did come out to see who I was, and remembered me.  How sweet.   Little Tessa looks exactly the same, and her daughters H and B are still cheeky bundles of energy.  I can never remember the name of their other sister, also a black lab.   I went down to the house to try to find the landlady, but couldn’t.  I did note there had been changes though.  When I retured to the car to fetch the little xmas pressie I had bought for the dogs and cat, Tessa followed me.  I swear she has never lost her nose for food.   If you flick through my Flickr account, you will see she also has a thing about cameras, but I didn’t take one with me today – a shame given the lavendar looked spectacular.

Finally found landlady feeding fish – she’d had a stressful day apparently – seems her limp has gotten worse.  The house has changed, and my old flat is completely different.  It was difficult moving around, with the odd twinge reminding me of yesterday.   I stayed for about half an hour before taking off.   I felt so uncomfortable there, but it was wonderful to see the dogs, though I have no idea of the whereabouts of  Columbus the Cat.

Here’s hoping no more mail finds it’s way there; I don’t want to go back again, not even to see the dogs.

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