Disorganised and Stressed


I was ill on Friday and didn’t make it to work, since I was not allowed to take my usual medication ahead of my colonoscopy on Monday.   I also didn’t make it to the pharmacy to purchase the preparatory medicine.    Saturday, I didn’t feel great but I knew I had to get out there to get the food I was allowed to eat, and have the prescription filled.  I really should have done this earlier in the week, but I just wasn’t up to it having sleeping issues.    The first pharmacy didn’t have the product in stock, the second noticed the prescription was undated and so informed me it was illegal for anyone to fulfill it.   Then, I headed out to Boots at Bluewater because I knew they had some other products which would be handy.   There the pharmacist took the script but then informed me it would be cheaper to buy over the counter, meaning the prescription was irrelevant.   At least Boots had it in stock.

I came home for a pit stop, and then went and purchased some food that was allowable.   Before my first outing, I noted the tv, and broadband weren’t working.   I thought if I went out, it will be all fixed by the time I returned.  I was wrong.   I used up precious data allowances on my phone to find out there was a fault, and telephoned the “help line” as it had been over four hours, only to be informed it would be at least another four hours before it was fixed.   Though it was hot and I was on a restrictive diet, I did some housework and listened to an audiobook.   At 22:00, the tv and internet were still not working, so I telephoned Virgin only to be told they didn’t have a record of my earlier call and the system was showing there were no faults in the area, despite what I had showing on my phone browser, where Virgin said it would be 2:00 a.m. before it was fixed.   The foreign lady informed me my TiVo box was not turned on – blatant lie, I could see the lights – and that she would get an engineer to me on Tuesday.  No good, I said, I will be in hospital.   Thursday ended up being the next appointment.   All in all, that would mean five days without internet or tv, for which I pay a premium.

At 4:00 a.m., my phone browser showed Virgin as still having a fault, which was not expected to be repaired until 20:00 Sunday night.   Fortunately, I’ve woken this afternoon to find myself back online, and the tv back MINUS my usual Saturday night recordings, including Wallander.

It’s all stress I could have done without, ahead of the worry of what the colonoscopy might reveal.   The hot weather certainly doesn’t help.

I have now taken my first  dose of the preparatory product, and am just waiting for the effects to take hold.   In the meantime, it is still far too hot, so I won’t have any issue taking in the extra fluids required.   I shall pack a bag later today to take with me to hospital.   Though it is a day procedure, somehow my low blood pressure panics medical staff, and I usually end up staying the night; this time I aim to be prepared.

On a happier note, now that the internet is back I have found out how to change my Facebook language to Scottish Gaelic, and it works; sort of.

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