Skype ann an Gàidhlig

I have now changed the language in which I use Skype to Gàidhlig.   Again, didn’t know it was available, but all I had to do was download the language file from here, the file being called Gaidhlig.lang, then select “Tools, Change Language, Add Language File”, upload the language and … it’s all Gàidhlig.

Skype ann an Gàidhlig


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6 responses to “Skype ann an Gàidhlig

  1. Glad you like it 🙂 Depending on what operating system you’re on, there’s a lot of other stuff too. Check out (sorry for the slightly boring layout, I’m working on a better and bilingual site… ah if only my days had 48 hours!)

  2. I’m just thankful for, and amazed by what you have achieved thus far. I’m finding every little helps, and the work you, and other volunteers have done for Gàidhlig is outstanding, and very much appreciated by this learner.

    My Gàidhlig is only just beginning (again), so I’m having to find out how to do things in English to start, but I’m hoping that will change over time. I’m on Windows, and use Firefox which supposedly has Gàidhlig support, but I’m darned if I can get any of the language apps to work except the Gàidhlig spell checker (on the odd occasion it behaves – cheeky thing it is).

    Once again: thank you!

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  4. Hey, sorry for the delay. Life’s a bit hectic on and off. Do you mean switching Firefox from English to Gaelic? That’s easy (fortunately), if not obvious to non-geeks. There’s now guides to most things like that on (the one for Firefox is here but basically what you do is go to the download page on Mozilla ( click on the 4-colour arrow (Windows) next to Gaelic (Scotland) and then proceed to install. This will *NOT* destroy any of your existing bookmarks, settings etc. This will simply overlay the language. I know that’s NOT obvious :/
    Give me a shout on iGaidhlig, Facebook (links on iGaidhlig) or Fòram na Gàidhlig if you get stuck?

    • Thank you. I saw the post about iGàidhlig on your Facebook page, and found all the wonderful information in Gàidhlig, and English; very useful. Once again, thanks so much for all your hard work, and time.

      I must admit I was very impressed with the blogger user who has all their dates, links, etc. in Gàidhlig, but I think that’s something for me to aspire to, once I am fluent. 😀

  5. Glad you like it! Re: fluency, you could look at it differently – you could make the switch and use it as a tool to achieve fluency, you’d be surprised how much you can learn by just seeing stuff repeatedly on screen!

    Not sure how inbhirnarann does that, I suspect he did something fancy himself, blogger doesn’t support Gaelic as such, as far as I know. But then it’s owned by Google and Google doesn’t really like its community translators anymore… I’m pretty certain WordPress is currently the only one with full support for Gaelic both on .org and .com

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