Settling In

I have to attend hospital on Monday for yet another colonoscopy.  It seems the symptoms I have been experiencing this year may mean something new is going on, rather than a simple deterioration of my colitis.   My new consultant spent nearly an hour with me taking notes, and decided she needed to take a good look straight away.   I don’t like the options she gave me for what she thinks is happening, but at least I am confident she can alleviate my troubles, unlike my previous consultant.

So, tomorrow, I have to get up early to eat my last meal, then start taking the prep, along with an additional three (3) litres of water.  No food until Monday night probably.  If you hear rumbling, it is most likely my stomach.

I spent today getting in supplies: pads, toilet paper, money for taxis.   Yes, that’s right.  I will have to take a taxi to, and from the hospital, which could be a bit of a disaster if my last colonoscopy is anything to go by.   Meanwhile, this evening, I am thinking about what I will need to pack to take with me, just in case.

Hope my readers are having a better, more relaxing weekend.

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