Done It Myself

So, it will be another 24 hours before I can have a shower and/or bath again, having just regrouted the tiles.   It is my first attempt at a tricky DIY project.   I think it’s gone well.   I didn’t create an unfixable mess, I followed the instructional videos I found on Youtube, and the products I bought from Wilkinsons; and it all seems to have worked.  I purchased pre-mixed grout because mixing looked like a fine art, not to mention a situation which could potentially cause too much mess from which to recover.

I scored the old grout quite effectively with a tile scoring tool, and managed not to scratch a single tile, which gave me hope of completing the project effectively.    I scored around 10 tiles that seemed to really need it, having dug out quit a lot of brittle shards which formed around tiny pinholes.  I had some old marigolds on hand when I used the premixed tube of grout to fill in the gaps, using my fingers to push the grout in tighter.   Yes: I dropped a lot of the grout, but it fell in the bath and I was confident I could clean it up effectively later.   Funnily enough my finger provided enough of a finish that I did not have to use the grout finishing tool I had purchased.   I straightened out my back, cleaned up the mess relatively quickly and easily, took a damp cloth to the tiles to remove any excess grout, and, rather surprisingly, it looks good already.   I’m hoping I have actually saved myself some money by not calling in a professional, and learned a new skill.

Of course, it will tomorrow afternoon before I discover if I have actually done the right thing.   Until then, the bathroom sink is my washroom.

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