It’s been over two weeks since I applied, and I had thought it was all over, but today, I had a call back about a job up north.   Since I initially applied, I did some research looking at rentals in the area, and they are more expensive than where I am now, and I know the wage will be at least less 50% less than my current earnings.  I tried to work out how much the move would cost: payments to leave my current residence; the amount I will need to get all my possessions up north; and the payments that need to be made in advance for a new residence.

Then, there is the fact I have a holiday booked for next month – what happens with that?

I am torn about calling back; I don’t want to waste their time, but the idea of living and moving in an area I want to be, twenty-five years ahead of schedule is exciting.

What to do?

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